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Friday, October 26, 2007

*********** For Immediate Release **********

*********** For Immediate Release ********** is pleased to announce a new message board to help
provide an online place for evacuees and volunteers to connect and share

Have something to donate? Need practical FEMA information? Looking for a place to
stay? Visit our new message board at:

Other topics on the message board include:

-Fire News
-Long Term Recovery Needs
-Donations Offered
-Donations Requested
-Donation Drives
-Free Services Available
-FEMA Information
-Insurance Company Information
-Temporary Housing Solutions
-Temporary Pet Housing Solutions
-Volunteer Information
-Non-Profits Helping Out
-Information on Fraud, Price Gouging, Scams and Ripoffs

Visit the message boards today! :)

About Relief Spark:

Relief Spark is a non-profit that provides marketing, PR and volunteer support to
grassroots organizations in New Orleans, LA and Southern CA that assist with
helping communities respond and rebuild during and after natural disasters.

We are a network of volunteers that span across the world. We create channels of
distribution, we collect information and provide resources for volunteers and
individuals alike.

For more information please visit our website: